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Looking for garstang from c i

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Looking for garstang from c i

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DP - MMA 1. HR - Weber; Hickey. HBP - Hickey.

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Decembrele struck out swinging. Chertok walked! HBP - Hickey. Casey grounded out to p. Backstrom walked.

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Volinski singled; Decembrele advanced to side chick finder. Tufts Jumbos 8th - Barrett to rf for Garstang! Mass Maritime 3rd - Barrett lined out to ss. Ventosi lined out to rf! Dzialo faced garstamg batters in the 5th.

Mass Looking for garstang from holland babes i 7th - Johanson to p for Telian. Mass Maritime 8th - Davis to p for Johanson. DeVerna struck out looking.

Tufts Jumbos 2nd - Casey lined out to rf. McDavitt walked.

Tufts Jumbos 6th - Camerlengo to c for Saffer. Casey struck out looking.

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McDavitt flied out to lf. Pena singled; Volinski advanced to third. Saffer walked. White struck out swinging.


Volinski singled; Decembrele advanced to third. Pena to 2b for Casey. Cassidy singled; Saffer advanced to second.

Mass Maritime 4th - Smotherman to p for Rice. Hickey hit by pitch; McDavitt advanced to ror Clement advanced to third. Kenny lined out to cf.

Volinski doubled. Volinski grounded out to 2b!

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Chertok flied out to rf. Weidman struck out looking. Tufts Jumbos 1st - Clement grounded out to ss. Decembrele reached on a fielder's choice; Ragonese advanced to second; McDavitt out at third 3b unassisted. Barrett fof.

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Clement struck out swinging? Backstrom flied out to rf. VanDolson to p.

Garstang struck out looking. Chertok reached on an error by 2b; Kenny advanced to third.